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Get to Know Meg!


Meg (She/Her) is a psychotherapist serving clients in Massachusetts and Florida. She earned a BS in Social Work from Providence College and a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Utah. Meg has experience working with adolescents and adults navigating anxiety, depression, and trauma, as well as helping clients with identity formation, relationship difficulties, and academic stressors.


Meg most recently worked as a behavioral health clinician at Tufts Medical Center, providing comprehensive evaluations and individual therapy to patients from all walks of life. During her tenure at Tufts Medical Center, Meg has helped patients become more aware of their emotions, recognize patterns of distress, and empower themselves to make positive changes.


Meg employs a collaborative and solution focused approach to therapy. She helps her clients draw from their unique strengths and experiences to develop healthy habits and build skills and knowledge that empower them to accomplish their goals. Meg assists clients in gaining better insight into themselves, finding fulfillment, and living happier and healthier lives. 

Meg is licensed to provide therapy in Massachusetts and Florida.

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