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Serving children, adolescents, and adults

Neurodiverse Counseling

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Does your child have difficulty learning in school? Is your child having trouble making friends due to worries or poor self-esteem?

Do you find yourself struggling to succeed in college, graduate school, or your career?

Is it difficult to relate with others? 

You deserve a life full of love, happiness, and fulfillment. We’re committed to helping you find it.

Child Engaging in Online Therapy
Neurodiverse Counseling: Self Love

Neurodiverse Counseling is the leading

practice for neurodivergent individuals in Boston.

We treat people from all walks of life, with a particular focus on neurodiversity. To foster better outcomes, we create safe spaces that help clients be themselves through results focused and evidence-based

support and tools.


Therapy and Wellness Made Easy




Neurodiverse Counseling: Evaluations

ADHD & Autism Evaluations, Gender-Affirming Evaluations, and more.




Neurodiverse Counseling: Evaluations

Counseling services for children, adolescents, and adults.





Organization, attention, focus, planning, and prioritization support for adults.


Telehealth offers therapy when you need it, wherever you are. Therapy sessions are offered online through a secure telehealth platform.



Neurodiverse Counseling is centered on inclusion and connectedness. We are therapists who identify as neurodivergent, BIPOC, multilingual, and LGBTQIA+.

We embrace the unique contributions and diverse life experiences that our therapists bring.

Meet our therapists and find one that resonates with your style and needs. 

Driven By Core Values


We’re more than a team; we’re a family. We’ve studied, trained, and built a practice where everyone can be themselves. We celebrate your wins, help you process your losses, and revel in the joy of sharing in your lives. There is no us without you.


You’re allowing us to be a part of your life and trusting our insight and guidance. We hold these privileges dear and have built a team of therapists who are not only exceptional in their clinical skills, but also are inspiring and compassionate people.


Our team at Neurodiverse Counseling has a range of specialties. We stay informed and constantly educated about research and evidence-based practices in our field to provide the most reliable and effective care for our clients.


Ready to start feeling better? We’re ready to help.

When you work with us, you can trust you’re partnering with a therapist who is driven, dedicated and will go above and beyond to support you.

Our goal is to give you our full attention and the tools you need to make real and lasting changes in your life.

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Neurodiverse Counseling: Book a consultation
Book a consultation

Explore our therapists' profiles to find a practitioner who’s right for you and book a 20-minute consultation.

Get familiarized with the process

During your consultation, your therapist will answer your questions and schedule your first visit.

Attend your first appointment

Your therapist will get to know you and offer a supportive plan to help you reach your goals.

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Embrace a Life of Fulfillment: 
Your Journey Starts Here.

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