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Autism Diagnostic Evaluation

Adult ADHD Therapy

Many adults navigate life with undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder (ASD), facing challenges that can impact various aspects of their daily lives. A diagnosis can be transformative, shedding light on obstacles that may have puzzled or frustrated individuals for years. Our evaluation aims to provide clarity and support, empowering you to embrace your unique neurodiversity. Rooted in a neurodiversity-affirming perspective, our evaluation process embodies a compassionate and comprehensive approach, guiding you through the path of self-discovery and acceptance.

Proper assessment offers a roadmap and deep self-awareness, unlocking access to services and fostering self-acceptance. An autism diagnosis transcends mere labeling; it reveals insights that significantly influence your daily life. Empowered by a profound understanding of your neurodevelopmental profile, you can craft personalized strategies to navigate challenges and amplify your strengths, whether in social interactions or professional pursuits. Our evaluation equips you with the tools you need to flourish. This clarity not only helps answer questions and plan for the future, but also opens doors to resources and support services tailored to your needs. 

What to Expect

Our evaluation process is tailored to meet the unique needs of adults seeking clarity regarding autism spectrum disorder. It comprises:

  1. Clinical Interview: A structured interview to explore your experiences, challenges, strengths, and goals.

  2. Review of Records: Examination of records to gain a holistic understanding of your history.

  3. Clinical Assessments: Completion of specialized questionnaires by you and your support network to gather additional insights into your neurodevelopmental profile.

  4. Diagnostic Report: A detailed report summarizing evaluation findings, including diagnostic conclusions and personalized recommendations for support and intervention.

Please note that while some insurance plans may offer partial coverage, it's essential to verify your benefits for out-of-network services.

Who Can Benefit? 

Our Adult Autism Diagnostic Evaluation is designed for:

  1. Individuals seeking clarity and understanding of their neurodiversity.

  2. Adults pursuing accommodations in academic, professional, or social settings.

  3. Individuals considering or seeking adjustments to medication regimens under the guidance of healthcare professionals.

  4. Anyone navigating life with suspected or confirmed autism spectrum disorder.


Exploring the Evaluation Process

While our evaluation primarily focuses on autism spectrum disorder, it also encompasses:

  • Mental Health: Exploring emotional well-being and any co-occurring mental health concerns.

  • Social Functioning: Assessing social interactions, communication skills, and relationship dynamics.

  • Behavioral Patterns: Understanding behavioral tendencies and coping mechanisms.

  • Attention and Executive Functions: Evaluating attentional control, organization, and problem-solving skills.

  • Memory and Cognitive Abilities: Assessing memory functions and cognitive processing abilities.

Note: The evaluation is available to individuals aged 18 or older. For more information about insurance coordination and fees, please contact us today!

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