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Executive Functioning Support
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What is Executive Function Support? 


At Neurodiverse Counseling, executive function support is a cornerstone of our individual therapy sessions. These skills are essential for managing daily tasks and reaching personal goals, encompassing:

  • Improving Attention: Enhancing focus and sustaining attention on tasks.

  • Managing Emotions: Developing healthy strategies for regulating and expressing emotions.

  • Coordinating and Planning Activities: Learning to organize, prioritize, and execute plans efficiently.

  • Solving Problems Effectively: Building skills to approach and resolve challenges confidently and creatively.

In our sessions, we collaborate with you to identify and strengthen these crucial skills. You have the flexibility to set your own goals, ensuring our support aligns with your unique needs and aspirations. Our aim is to empower you to navigate daily life more effectively and achieve your full potential.

How Does Executive Function Support Work? 


As part of your individual therapy, executive function support helps improve functioning across various categories. After identifying your challenges, we set goals and teach strategies to help you overcome these challenges. Our therapists can help you:

  • Focus on strengths to increase confidence

  • Learn organizational skills and develop positive routines

  • Adopt time management skills and strategies

  • Manage and minimize distractions, improving attention and concentration

  • Gather, analyze, and synthesize information effectively

  • Use different methodologies for solving problems

  • Learn new tools to aid memory

What Happens During a Typical Support Session? 

Each session is tailored to your needs, focusing on specific aspects of executive functioning as part of your therapy. At the beginning of your therapy journey, you'll identify areas of focus and set goals. Sessions typically start with an overview of the previous week and any practice work assigned, followed by setting an agenda and identifying the challenges you wish to address.

In these sessions, you'll learn strategies to improve your executive function and accomplish your goals. For example, if you're worried about completing a large work project, your therapist may help you break down the project into smaller parts, develop strategies for tackling each part, and teach effective time management tools. Assignments, such as practicing these tools, are usually given at the end of each session. These sessions build on each other, equipping you with a comprehensive toolkit of executive functioning skills and practices you can use independently.

We are here to support you in achieving your goals and enhancing your daily life with personalized, effective strategies tailored to your needs.

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