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Unlocking Productivity: 4 Strategies for Harnessing Your Interest-based Nervous System

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Many individuals within the Neurodiverse community often struggle with finding the motivation to tackle routine or mundane tasks. Dr. William Dodson offers an insightful solution to this challenge: understanding and leveraging the "interest-based" nervous system. Unlike the "importance-based" system typical of neurotypical individuals, those with an interest-based system thrive on tasks that are novel, interesting, urgent, or challenging. Let's delve into the four pillars of the interest-based nervous system:

Novelty: Embrace the New and Exciting

  • Introduce novelty into tasks by creating fresh routines or approaches.

  • Explore alternative methods to accomplish familiar tasks.

  • Combine mundane tasks with new experiences, such as listening to engaging podcasts while doing household chores.

Interest: Tailor Tasks to Personal Interests

  • Adapt tasks to align with personal interests whenever possible.

  • Infuse creativity into tasks to make them more appealing, like using favorite stationery for administrative work.

  • Multitask by pairing tasks with activities that genuinely captivate you, like listening to music while running errands.

Urgency: Inject a Sense of Immediacy

  • Create artificial deadlines to instill a sense of urgency.

  • Establish consequences, even if they're simulated, for not meeting deadlines, such as enlisting an accountability partner.

  • Structure your time to balance tedious tasks with more stimulating ones, motivating yourself with the promise of a rewarding activity afterward.

Challenge: Embrace the Thrill of Difficulty

  • Transform tasks into challenges or games to increase engagement.

  • Set personal challenges, like completing chores within a specific time frame or beating your own records.

By adhering to these principles, individuals can tap into a more fulfilling and energizing approach to productivity. Remember, embracing your unique strengths and preferences is key to unlocking your full potential.

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