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In Response to Recent Tragic Events

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

I am at a loss for words due to the tragic events we've witnessed these past months, and so I am borrowing some from Michelle Obama. In her book, Becoming, she wrote, "grief and resilience live together." I would like to echo this sentiment & provide some tools for resiliency. Below are a few resources I have gathered to foster healing, no matter where you are in the process.

For Everyone

For Parents

For People of Color

For White People

  • Please explore Samata Health's blog post, Vicarious Racism Explained, to better understand the experiences of people of color after a traumatic event, such as the recent incident in Buffalo. If you appreciate that article, I encourage you to read more about its author, Nia Heard-Garris, a Doctor and Clinical Scholar at the University of Michigan.

  • If you're having strong feelings of White Guilt, check out this podcast episode of Dear Sugars, which discusses what you can do about it.

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